History of Hadabesso

Hadabesso was established in 1900. For more than 110 years,
we have served traditional Japanese cuisine in Hiroshima. "Hada"
is the owners' family name and "besso" means vacation cottage or
villa in Japanese. The founder named his restaurant Hadabesso in
hopes of creating an "at home" atmosphere where guests would
feel comfortable, as if they were at their own cottages.
In the early 1900's the restaurant was much smaller than it
is now. As years progressed, the owner bought surrounding fields,
and extended its garden. At one time, Hadabesso included a small
zoo to show people peacocks, seals, etc. He once even owned a
dance company that performed in the hall of the restaurant.
However, in 1945, the atomic bomb destroyed everything except
rocks and artificial hills. The buildings were reconstructed from
1948 to 1949, and now the third-generation descendant
manages the restaurant.
We'll try our best to make you feel at ease in "your" cottage.